Our people mean the world to us. Meet some of our team to find out their stories.


I like to think of myself as a father, a husband, a son, a friend and a passionate leader driving change by building a strong, winning team. As Vice President, Global Business Services (GBS), I work with our talented team to partner with our functions such as Finance, IT, and HR to deliver operational excellence and continuous improvements of business services. This also includes the implementation of a new GBS centre in Lisbon for an IT Hub and Finance Shared Services.

There is a lot to talk about here, but to try and articulate what I think it means… I think it’s the ability to attract people that share the same vision, then build on the wisdom of the team and the strengths of each individual to create and execute a strategy to progress towards that vision. The “how” and “what” are equally important but the most important for me is the “why”. It also means to be ourselves with all of our weaknesses and to show our vulnerabilities to our teams. This will create credibility that is another key component of true leadership.

I joined in January as I was attracted by the compelling purpose of the company to care about people in need, with the vision of “pioneering trusted medical solutions to improve the lives we touch” and by the very high quality of people I met during the recruitment process. I have never worked in the medical technology industry before however it relates to me a lot personally as both of my parents are doctors. You can imagine how proud they are that I work at ConvaTec.

I am very proud of the way we have been working together during the pandemic that keeps us on track with the implementation of the new GBS operations in Lisbon. This is exceptional and we will all remember it. Kudos to all of our people involved.

The main challenge is that none of us have ever done this before. The core solution was to create an environment enabled by current technologies that allows us to work remotely. However, most importantly to also create a great place to work by trusting each other and caring for each other. We continue to recruit, induct and train our new joiners completely remotely in the last month or so. Their feedback has been excellent – they feel that they are important to us. Our teams responded positively to the challenges, I feel a great team spirit around the globe and I do my best to be connected with them and to recognise their efforts.

As a business services professional I work a lot with the concept of a balanced scorecard that looks at all angles of the operations. I try to adapt this personally and plan to allocate time to everything that is important for me.

Family is one of my top priorities. I love spending time with my wife, my 6-year-old daughter and remotely connect to the rest of our family as my parents live in my hometown Budapest, Hungary and my sister and her family live in Sydney, Australia. I will surely find the time to visit them as soon as the pandemic ends. I truly believe in continuous improvements and that is most relevant to the balance of my life. I keep improving it and each day is a new opportunity.


I am the Tower Lead for P2P (Purchase to Pay) in ConvaTec’s Global Business Services in Lisbon. In my department we take care of all vendor invoices from booking in line with vendor details, to the payment of the invoices.

Mainly, my career developed as a Finance Director in Portuguese companies. In 2015 I decided I wanted to go further, and I moved to Angola, Africa to work as a Finance Director, it was definitely a challenge! In 2016, I was invited to join the Shared Services Centre world and that’s where I have been developing my knowledge and career ever since.

There is an international culture and ambiance. It’s fantastic – the opportunity to work in this kind of environment where we can learn and live with other cultures. It also gives you the opportunity to speak and learn other languages. It’s so addictive to work in a place like this, it’s then difficult to go back to a small environment.

For a start, it’s a company that is committed to helping people and this message is very important when you embrace a new project and company. Also, I share the same vision, values, culture and objectives as ConvaTec.

I like to travel, especially to tropical places.


I graduated in Psychology and I have a Dual Masters on Work Organisational and Personnel Psychology from the Universities of Coimbra and Barcelona. During my life I had the opportunity to live in 4 different countries and connect with lovely people from all over the world. At ConvaTec, I’m now responsible for leading the Human Resources of the new Global Business Services (GBS) in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a great opportunity to create an inspirational culture, motivate our people and foster professionalism and equity.

As the Human Resources Manager, I will be focusing on candidate attraction, retention and developing our talent, understanding business needs, and partner with all employees to provide adequate solutions to our company.

One of the main reasons was because of the reputation that the company has within the industry and the standards that the company expect of its staff. Secondly I was attracted to the project itself, having the opportunity to start a new GBS from scratch is a challenge that not everyone has the opportunity to have in their career. I’m always keen to work on a challenging and demanding project where I feel pushed to the next level of my personal growth.

In two words, I would describe the culture as inspirational and inclusive. Within the GBS I feel that everyone feels part of the project and that we are the ones that will make it work. So, everyone is very friendly and supportive. We all have different backgrounds which allow us to learn from each other and share best practices. Our peers in other countries are carefully observing our growth and are always happy to help!

The company is relying on us to build a new service that will allow us to achieve the next level as a company, whilst keeping the high standards that everyone is used to having. Being on the ground now for a couple of months there are many challenges when starting something from scratch – there are some funny stories that we will laugh about. However, these are the opportunities that make us grow.

I’m passionate about history, culture and people. I’m always interested to connect with new people or hearing from current or former colleagues, managers, or just interesting creative folk. I also love to travel and fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to visit almost every country in the EU and many others all over the world. Another old passion is motorcycling, I love to have a ride with friends and discover new routes and places. Riding my motorcycle is my favourite way to feel free.

Since the very beginning of my recruitment process, I felt that ConvaTec is an organisation with high standards, who supports its staff in their work and cares for people. I would always recommend people to work in an organisation that supports staff in their roles, their career development and cares for them. Our slogan is “improving the lives we touch”, the first lives we touch are the lives of our staff all over the world.


I’m the Order to Cash Tower Lead at ConvaTec’s Global Business Services in Lisbon, Portugal.

At Order to Cash our aim is to translate our company’s sales into cash in our banks, honouring the contracts established with our customers and ensuring full compliance with international accounting rules.

I started my career in finance at LG Electronics, as part of the Treasury team in Portugal. Then in the end of 2006 I joined Solvay, a chemical company in Belgium where I contributed to the raising and consolidation of the Financial Shared Services centre in Lisbon. At Solvay I grew as a Leader in the areas of Procurement to Pay and Customer, Credit and Trade.

Finally, at the beginning of 2020, I embraced a new and exciting challenge, the creation of the Global Business Services in Lisbon, from where we aim to deliver “best in class” finance and IT services.

Inspiring, Innovative, Challenging and Caring.

What I value the most so far, is firstly, our people – the trustful and supportive relationships we create, promoting a sense of belonging. Secondly, the agility and ability to make fast decisions that enables our teams to work at their best level in a fast-paced environment.

I have two young daughters, aged seven and ten, so whenever possible I try to enjoy outdoor activities with them. I love traveling and exploring my country’s hidden treasures. Give me a book or a Netflix series and I will lose myself for a few hours!


I am the SharePoint Administrator within the End User Computing (EUC) team, Global Business Services, Lisbon. My day usually consists of setting up SharePoint platforms, renewing processes and resolving incidents.

Helping people with this platform and looking for new ways of making it easier for people to work.

The first day I arrived. I felt part of this company straight away as everyone within the team made me feel “at home”. My onboarding was great, I had the opportunity to know more about ConvaTec, processes, my co-workers and their roles.

This role was an opportunity to grow even more personally and professionally.

It’s multi-cultural and has a very good ambiance. We are working with people from “all around the world” in one place.

Being part of a company that helps people, it makes me proud.

I enjoy being with my 20-month-old daughter, riding a bike, listening to music and taking photos.


I’m the IT Technician within the Global Business Services (GBS) centre, Lisbon and I try to offer the best IT experience to colleagues and new joiners by resolving any IT problems they may have. A typical day consists of resolving tickets that come through the service desk and building laptops. Currently, there is a real team effort and coordination to build and ship laptops to new hires.

I enjoy applying my talents to a greater good and learning new things.

That no two days are ever the same – so it never gets boring. Also, at ConvaTec I get to connect with different people from very diverse fields to my own.

When I realised that I’m surrounded by people who share the same pride in being part of a company that helps others – it not only makes you feel part of the team, but also pushes you to do better.

In one word I would say… Engaging! I think everyone feels invested in their work and the organisation and do their best work every day. We are all proud of the achievements made so far.

The way we are getting the GBS running even with the pandemic. So far, we’ve managed to deliver good virtual inductions/welcome day to all the new hires and ensured they have all the IT equipment they need to work. My role is to set up the new laptops and ship them to the homes of each new hire, whilst ensuring they are cleaned according to safety measures. I then contact the new hire with instructions to set up their login and equipment.

It’s a real team effort and will be remembered.

I like to know more about my country, so when possible, I travel a lot to new towns and cities. I also play football, go to the gym, cinema, socialise, listen to music and at this moment I’m learning Spanish.